Brief History

The Mukhi House located in Hyderabad Sindh Pakistan, was built around 1921 by an influential Hindu Sindhi family, which it occupied for approximately 26 years. In 1947 just before the partition of Pakistan from India, much of the Mukhi family migrated to India, while a few members lived and visited the home until 1957. Subsequently the house changed many hands, and ultimately was abandoned and fell into disrepair.

In 2008, the descendents of the Mukhi family relinquished future claims to the Mukhi House on condition that it be conserved and converted into a museum. The conservation was led by Dr. Kaleem Lashari from the Department of Antiquities in Sindh, with a planned inauguration of the museum in 2014.


Jan 1, 2014: Mukhi House Diaries website published.

Jan 29, 2013: Mukhi House Reunion hosted by Department of Antiquities, attended by 11 decendents of the Mukhi family, and covered by BBC Urdu.

Nov 27, 2012: Article about Mukhi House published in Tribune.


Mukhi House "Ralli"

Similar to a Sindhi Ralli (or Rilli) consisting of different cloth pieces quilted together, this website contains photographs, memories, and sentiments of the family members that once lived in the Mukhi House. Through the lense of the Mukhi House residents and visitors, this website aims to capture the life, culture, and context of a wealthy segment of the Hindu Sindhi population living in Hyderabad. Please contact us if you wish to share your memories or photographs of the Mukhi House to help construct this Mukhi House "Ralli".


Mukhi House built by Jethanand Mukhi around 1921 Jethanand Mukhi (center) with Chief Minister of Sindh Ghulam Hussain Hidayatullah (left). Photo Courtesy themukhis.com Jawarharlal Nehru (front left), first prime minister of India, stays at the Mukhi House (1931). Gobindram Mukhi (front left) with associates at the Mukhi House. Laxmi Mukhi (middle), first wife of Gobindram Mukhi, with mother and brother Valiram Putli Mukhi, second wife of Gobindram Mukhi  Lady Rama Rao (second from left) are guests during All India Womens Conf. (1945) Tilly and Ghordhan (left), Jagadish (center), and Dharam Mukhi (front right) in dining room Jagadish (left) and Dharam Mukhi on motor car Detail of balustrade of building in front courtyard -- Dharam Mukhi in Sindhi clothes. Rare photograph of living room interior -- Dharam Mukhi in front of Japanese bronze. Damage to Mukhi House facade prior to conservation. Mukhi House conserved (2013) Front courtyard and facade lighted at night (2013) Conserved staircase from first floor Conserved ceiling of first floor living room Conserved hallway around back courtyard on first floor Hallway around back courtyard on second floor Etched glass detail of living room entrance door View of Hyderabad city from terrace Old Mukhi House on Mukhi Ghitti -- called "Sono Ghar" by J. Mukhi for its good fortune Current mixture of old and new architecture in Hyderabad city Reunion of 11 Mukhi descendents at Mukhi House on January 26th, 2013 Sindhi music and dance performer playing chimpta and ektara at reunion party

Photo Courtesy: Dharam Bhavnani, themukhis.com, Dept. of Antiquities, Jenica Wright, and Google Maps.


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