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Sumi-e Paintings

The Sumi-e style of Japanese painting is characterized by a few quick brush strokes using black ink and water. The minimalist style attempts to capture the chi or life spirit of an object. The following paintings are some of my meditations on motion and stillness. Also in E-book and Flickr.


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Bhajan Music

The Bhajan genre of Indian music has the distinct call-response form: a lead vocalist sings a line which is repeated by others in the group. An important goal of singing a bhajan is to achieve a meditative state. The following are some of my amateur Bhajan compositions (best heard with headphones to avoid distortion caused by computer speakers).

All I Need From You
mp3 lyrics

Genre: Bhajan
Lead Singer, Composer, & Rhythm Guitarist: Suresh Bhavnani
Bass Guitarirst, Recorder & Mixer: Ryan Sweesy

Jabse Pehchani Huee
mp3  lyrics

Genre: Bhajan
Lead Singer, Composer & Rhythm Guitarist: Suresh Bhavnani
Chorus Singers: Sundari Murthy, Prema Putran
Bass Guitarist, Recorder & Mixer: Ryan Sweesy

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